Welcome to Glyph’s documentation!

Glyph is an application designed to host and manage puzzles and puzzle hunt competitions effectively and easily.

Glyph exists to help puzzle & puzzle hunt maintainers easily run their events and interact with participants through a slew of features, some of which are listed below.

  • Staged & scheduled releases of certain puzzles and challenges to advance a hunt

  • Built-in leaderboards with dynamic points systems to let you design your hunts as desired

  • Communication tools such as email & social media integration to provide feedback to hunters

Glyph represents mainly the backend API that powers and stores the data. It aims to be front-end agnostic, and the community provides a few different options for viable front-ends and integrations.

Who is Glyph Built For?

Glyph is built for the puzzle communities and for organizations who want to leverage puzzles to bring people together in positive ways. Glyph is designed to help both large organizations and small groups easily create and manage their own puzzle hunts, puzzle challenges, and more, while including the tools needed to communicate with their user-base to stoke fun & competition.

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